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Happy Monday, Friends! I know you all agree, but I just have to mention how much I L-O-V-E 3 day weekends! :o) Not that I did anything out of the ordinary, it's just so nice to have one extra day! 

For my first linky today, I will be linking up with Trina from The Ordinary To Extraordinary Classroom for her 2nd edition of Meet the Teacher Monday. This weeks theme is Three Things. 

1. Three Words to Describe Me: LOUD, stubborn, and determined

2. Three Things on My Bucket List: Visit Disney (I am 28 and have NEVER been), attend Country Fest in Nashville, and write a children's book

3. My favorite music genre and 3 favorite songs: I will listen to just about anything and I love music that I can dance to, but I especially love COUNTRY music - favorite songs are tough, I have so many how am I supposed to narrow it down to 3? Right now 3 of my faves are: Compass (Lady Antebellum), We Were Us (Miranda Lambert and Keith Urban), and Austin (Blake Shelton - this is an oldie but goodie). 

4. The first 3 things I would buy first if I won the lottery: New cars for Momma, Little Bro, and I

5. My favorite movie genre and 3 favorite movies: Musicals...is that a movie genre? I love them all. My #1 fave is CATS. I also love The Sound of Music. Dirty Dancing is another one of my favorites. (Can I stick in Newsies and RENT, too?!)

6. Three Character Flaws: I am terrible procrastinator, rather judgemental, and a bit too much of a perfectionist

7. Three Friendship Personality Dealbreakers: The User, The Whiner/Complainer, The One-Upper

8. Three Things I Want More of: Hours in the day, Fish in the sea (I guess I just need to meet more of them), and Money (of course)

Fun, right? Head over to Trina's blog and link up...

Okay, linky round 2. This one is a link up with Where the Wild Things Learn for A Day Our Way. Here is my typical daily schedule:

Morning Work: We used the Envisions Math program, so for morning work each day my kiddos complete the Daily Common Core Review and if they have time left after that, the complete a daily journal write which is usually from the Lakeshore calendar. During this time I check notes, kiddos take the lunch count and check-in homework, and I take attendance. 

Guided Reading/Literacy Centers/Reader's Workshop: Sadly I am usually unable to get started at 9:05 because we have kiddos that go to breakfast in the morning, so I don't usually get started until 9:15. I typically begin with a read aloud and lesson from 9:15-9:45. Then I meet with one reading group from 9:45 - 10:15/10:30. The kiddos who are not in the reading group are doing silent reading/skill work, word work, research (I have to try to fit Science and Social Studies into my Reading time). 

Morning Recess: I have duty on Tuesday, my teamies and I are all assigned one day per week for morning recess. The other 4 days I barely make it to the bathroom and back in my 15 minutes! :o)

Math: As I stated, we use the Envision Math program. I try to follow the book (it's my 1st year in this district, I try to be a rule-follower), but sometimes we skip the book work and I teach the lesson my way. We typically start with a problem of the day and the kiddos discuss with their neighbors. We do the interactive learning lesson with the video (kiddos are not huge fans of the videos) and then I project the book pages on the whiteboard and the kiddos practice on their individual whiteboards. We end with the kiddos completing their workbook page and playing math games while I work with 1 or 2 small groups. 

Afternoon Recess and Lunch: Kiddos have recess and lunch, teachers have lunch!

Specials: The kiddos have Phys. Ed. twice a week, Technology (Science) once, Art once, and Music once. 

Writer's Workshop: Instruction varies but this is where I typically try to fit my spelling, grammar, vocabulary lessons and get the kiddos writing. We use mentor texts, writer's notebooks, and do lots of informational writing. 

Intervention/Enrichment Block: The whole grade level gets separated into needs-based groups. There is an enrichment group, a couple of Lindamood Bell groups, and the 3 groups that my teamies and I have: one Reading group and two writing groups. 

That's my day - although right now I am hoping for an early release tomorrow and a delay on Wednesday - depending which channel you watch they are predicting anywhere from 1-3 inches to 5-8 inches. One can *WISH* right?!


Denise said...

I am ALL ABOUT the three day weekends! I would in all seriousness work longer days the other four days if we would get a three day every weekend. One day for relaxing/family/friends, one day for household business (groceries, cleaning, laundry), and one day to prep for the coming week. Perfect! Sadly, it is not to be...

And by the way, gotta put in my votes for "West Side Story" and "Fiddler on the Roof"!

Lindsey Johnston said...

You do EnVision Common Core?! AH! I'm so excited! That's the series we use! My kiddos don't mind the videos, but they LOVE the quiz. We do them together after the lesson. I taught them a, b, c, and d in sign language so they give their answer that way. Its a good way for me to check for understanding and they LOVE it. I like the videos, because it's more interesting for them I think than me just talking from the book. Since it is my 1st year in 3rd grade (and only 2nd teaching), I'm dependent on the book right now to know exactly what to teach.

The Journey of a Beginning Teacher

Susan K. said...

Hi there. I found you in the Meet the Teacher Link-up, and you're from Massachusetts, too. I hope you don't have a snow day today - I do - and, it's totally unnecessary - the roads are clear. Oh, well.... I need to stop worrying and enjoy me day off.

C Hath said...

So glad I found you in the meet the teacher linky!! I will totally go with you to Disneyland or Disney World! My husband does not want to go with me any more, but I am a junkie!! I went to college in Orange County so I was blessed to have a season pass!! I loved it!! I love your movie choices too!! Dirty Dancing is one of my favorites!! I can't believe I forgot it on my list!

Mrs. 3rd Grade

The Ordinary to Extraordinary Classroom said...

Haa Haa...fish in the sea. We can always use more fish in the sea. And metaphorically speaking, single women such as myself can definitely use more fish in the sea...LOL at myself. I am a musicals fan too!! Both Annie and Oliver hold some sentimental value for me and I totally get on my kids nerves when I sing the songs.

Your kids have individual whiteboards??? I've never seen that before.

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