Dare To Dream #tptsellerchallenge Week 2

Nothing like waiting until the last minute to share my post for the TPT Seller Challenge. Week 2 was to DrEaM bIg! 

I actually started working on this post at the beginning of the week and things got crazy
  • 4th grade graduation on Wednesday
  • Last day of school on Thursday
  • Summer job began on Friday
So here it is...

Inspire others: I feel so inspired by all the amazing bloggers, TPTers, IGers that I follow and hope to someday be a part of inspiring others with my products/ideas. 

Pay off my student loans: Because I HAD to attend a private college and LIVE there (its as only 15 minutes from my house) and then attend this same college for grad school, I have pretty hefty college loans. I wouldn't change my college experience though, everything about it was amazing! :o)

Get my doctorate: Someday...

Travel: I don't travel nearly as much as I would like to. I would love to go on another cruise, I have never been to Disney, I dream of visiting Hawaii...anywhere warm and sunny is on my list! 

Thanks again to Amber, Ashley, Emily, and Jen for creating this super challenge! 

Thanks for reading! 


Makeover {MADNESS} #tptsellerchallenge Week 1

I did it!

I took the jump and joined and the TPT Seller Challenge started by these amazing ladies:

I was beginning to get nervous that I wasn't going to complete the first challenge (makeover a current TPT item) in time because I am still in school. Our last day is this coming Thursday. 

But...I did it! 

And I couldn't be more excited about it! 

I cleaned up my Brag Tags and added a couple more sheets to the product! 

I cannot wait to be out of school now so that I can work on updating the rest of my Brag Tags and adding to my to store! 

Thanks for reading! 


Jumping on the Bandwagon...or Pirate Ship

In an effort to get back into blogging regularly, I am excited to share that I am joining Amanda, The Primary Gal in her Learn Like a Pirate book study! 

In Chapter 1: What is a Student-Led Classroom? Paul describes forward-thinking teachers as teachers who "want to encourage students to take on more responsibility and ownership over their learning." That's ME! I mean - I want this for my students, but I have yet to accomplish this fully. 

In reading, I use a merged Guided Reading/Readers' Workshop model and I started Guided Math this year. In reflecting on these times, as well as writing and social studies, I find myself thinking that my students do a lot of small group, collaborative work, but I feel like they do not have complete ownership or responsibility over this work. 

Paul mentions that student-led classrooms are classrooms where students are making decisions throughout the day without consulting the teacher, although they understand that the teacher does have the ultimate say. This does NOT typically happen in my classroom. In fact, it freaks me out just a little A LOT because I am a self-proclaimed CoNtRoL fReAk!! 

I am so excited to continue reading Learn Like a Pirate, especially because Paul also describes student-led classrooms as having teacher-led instruction, through mini-lessons, in the middle of the lesson. Again, I stopped to reflect. I mean, I begin my lessons with a turn-and-talk about a question, or a quick initiating activity, but the "beginning" of my lesson is typically teacher-led. 

Paul does not make it sound like this is just a wave-your-magic-wand classroom management strategy, he makes it perfectly clear that, as with just about anything, these skills need be modeled and practiced on a daily basis in order for them to become habits. 

At the end of the chapter, Paul suggests that you begin building relationships with students before they even enter your classroom. We often talk at school about walking by students in the hallway in the morning and saying "hello" to them, only to receive silence in return. I will keep trying, keep saying my "hello" and "good morning" and compliments in the hallway! 

Like what you've read? You'll love this book! The first chapter is quick and easy, you have can catch up in no time! Click on over to The Primary Gal and link-up with the book study. I love reading everyone else's thoughts on this book! 

Happy Reading!