Back To School Goals

Two weeks into summer vacation and I am linking up with Jess from I {heart} Recess to reflect on last year's goals and set goals for the upcoming school year. 

Last year's goals: 
If you are interested, you can find my old post here
Here's how I did:
Personal: My personal goal was not to stay late at school several nights a week and make more time for myself. Overall I would say I achieved this goal - I procrastinated less this year than usual and rarely stayed late at school (although I do get to school about 90 minutes early each day). For it being my first year in a new district and new grade level, planning and preparing was much less stressful than I expected it to be! :o)
Organizational: Not so successful here. My filing habits were better this year than in the past, so that made it al bit easier to make the mad dash two days before the evidence binder was due to locate the evidence that should have been in it. Oops! 
Planning: A work in progress...that is not to say that my lessons weren't meaningful, but I am already looking at adjusting things, especially math, for next year. I do not dislike the math program that we use, but I'm not sure that it is always meaningful. 
Professional: Success!!
Students: With the amount of tears shed at 4th grade graduation and on the last day of school I am pretty sure that my kiddos enjoyed their school year. 
Motto: Nope! lol

Now for B2S14 Goals...

Head of over to I {heart} Recess to join in the B2S fun and share your goals! 

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July Currently

I can't believe it's Currently time again! I love Farley's Currently linky, but it just reminds me of how fast time flies. Although this is a pleasant first of the month, it is also my first full week of vacation. And of course I use the term vacation very lightly, because I am still working this month; August will be my real vacation. 

I think things are pretty self-explanatory this time around. I had jury duty for the very first time today - I am 29 years old and this was my first one! Luckily I was at one of the smaller courts in my area and we were all dismissed by 10:15. Yay! I am also very lucky that my amazing summer boss told me to enjoy the rest of my day when I called to tell her I was on my way to work! :o)

As for Toby Keith, one of our local country stations posted a link on Facebook yesterday to a 4th of July ticket sale. It said that lawn tickets were on sale, but when I tried to Toby Keith link I actually found some mid-pavillion tickets for $20 each! So exciting!! 

Finally, I claimed an old, rather disheveled looking bookcase from school a couple of weeks ago. I was planning on purchasing one, so when I was this one looking for a new home I simply couldn't resist. Aside from being in dire need of a new paint job, it is in great shape. I also plan to bring home an old rocking chair from my gram's house that I will paint to match my bookcase. 

Thanks for reading! :o)