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I can't believe it's Currently time again! I love Farley's Currently linky, but it just reminds me of how fast time flies. Although this is a pleasant first of the month, it is also my first full week of vacation. And of course I use the term vacation very lightly, because I am still working this month; August will be my real vacation. 

I think things are pretty self-explanatory this time around. I had jury duty for the very first time today - I am 29 years old and this was my first one! Luckily I was at one of the smaller courts in my area and we were all dismissed by 10:15. Yay! I am also very lucky that my amazing summer boss told me to enjoy the rest of my day when I called to tell her I was on my way to work! :o)

As for Toby Keith, one of our local country stations posted a link on Facebook yesterday to a 4th of July ticket sale. It said that lawn tickets were on sale, but when I tried to Toby Keith link I actually found some mid-pavillion tickets for $20 each! So exciting!! 

Finally, I claimed an old, rather disheveled looking bookcase from school a couple of weeks ago. I was planning on purchasing one, so when I was this one looking for a new home I simply couldn't resist. Aside from being in dire need of a new paint job, it is in great shape. I also plan to bring home an old rocking chair from my gram's house that I will paint to match my bookcase. 

Thanks for reading! :o)


The Colorful Apple said...

Love me so me soft serve ice cream {with sprinkles}! I've never had jury duty before either...thankfully!

Sara :)
The Colorful Apple

★ Rockstar Math Teacher ★ said...

I love giving unwanted things new homes too..... Let me know how the makeover turns out.... :o)

Caitlyn Delaney said...

Now I'm craving soft serve ice cream!

I've never done jury duty but it sounds like you were super lucky! Have fun on your half day off!

Fourth Grade Lemonade

Kelly said...

Congrats on getting out of jury duty! Soft serve ice cream does sound good right now!

Sara said...

Congrats on getting out of jury duty. I am turning 29 and I have never (knock on wood... and then more wood) had it either, I'm just waiting!

Primary Buzz

Eclectic Educating said...

Congratulations on the tickets and jury duty! Win Win! I got jury duty one month after turning 18. How does that happen?!!!

Eclectic Educating

Miss Lifesaver said...

I've never served on a jury, but I did recently get a questionnaire about my availability for such things. I think it's because I had to change my address on my license, darn it! I said June was my best month, and now that it's over, I hope I don't have to worry about it for another year! :)

Hoots N' Hollers Flutters from Second Grade said...

Love Toby! Lucky girl, you are! Sounds like you have a big holiday planned--enjoy!


FabandFunin4th! said...

I have jury duty next week and I'm hoping I can get dismissed early too!! I am 27 and this is my THIRD time for jury duty, while most of my friends have never been picked!


Lindsey Johnston said...

Just saw Toby last month! It was a great show! I saw him once before a few years ago. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Thriving in 3rd

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