Five for *1st Day of Summer Vacation* Friday


I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Five for Friday to share some tidbits about my last week of school. Let's count down this time so that I can start with today. 

I know most of you have been on vacation for quite awhile now, but today was my first official day of vacation. You will never guess how I spent it...AT SCHOOL! Well, sort of at school. This summer is will assisting the director of a summer reading clinic at my college. I will be helping to supervise 5 reading specialist student teachers. So I guess my real, official summer actually begins on August 2nd. Until then, this is a pretty good way to spend the next month! 
Yesterday was our last day of school - half day for kiddos AND teachers! In my district, our elementary school goes to 4th grade and then the kiddos go to middle school for 5th grade. So this was the first time that I said goodbye to my kiddos, knowing that they wouldn't be passing me in the hallway next year. It was quite an emotional morning. Here are a few sweet words and great owl painting from one of my kiddos! 

Wednesday was our kiddos' 4th Grade Graduation. Another first for me, and even more emotional than the last day of school. The kiddos sang "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" and danced to "In My Life." It was such an overwhelming morning that I forgot to bring my phone/camera picture with me, therefore no pictures. :o(
Knowing that graduation would be hectic (parents can sign their kiddos at the end to take them out for the rest of the day) and that not all of my kiddos were coming to school on the last day, I gave them their end of the year treats on Tuesday. We also watched the DVD that I made them together and had some great laughs! 

Finally, I will be participating in a book study with other teachers in my district this summer. We received our books on Monday. We will be reading Writing About Reading by Janet Angelillo. We will be meeting several times throughout the summer to chat about the book and prepare a couple of lessons that we can use next year. 

I am not off to begin my reading! 

Thanks for reading! 


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