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Not a snow day, but a sick day. This is my 7th year teaching and my 2nd sick day. Don't get me wrong, I love a day off as much as anyone, I just don't like my days off when the kiddos are in school. And to make matters worse, my horrible stomach pains this morning were nothing more than a UTI (TMI? I'm sorry!). The positive is that I will be ready to go tomorrow and I had our amazing "building sub" teaching my kiddos, so I know they were in GREAT hands! 

Obviously I have spent the last few hours doing school work, because I am a teacher and that is what we do when we are out sick. And part of doing school work means catching up on my blog reading! :o) So I am posting now because I discovered Jessica's new-ish linky Trending Topics. Check out her blog Literacy Spark to find out more about it. 

This week's Trending Topic is recess. We have our recess scheduled for us. Our 4th graders have morning recess from 10:30 to 10:45. Each of us (teamies) is assigned one day per week for recess duty (I have Tuesday) and the paraprofessional in each grade level has this duty daily, so there are 2 adults assigned each day. We then have afternoon recess/lunch from 12:15 to 1:00. The kiddos have recess for about 20 minutes and then lunch for the rest of the time. This recess/lunch is supervised by lunch monitors, so teachers have this whole 45 minute block free for lunch, etc. This is one of the things I love about my new job. I think the morning recess is good for the kiddos and I love my 45 minute time in the afternoon - I actually have time to eat AND work instead of just inhaling my lunch in 7 minutes and then running to the copy machine like I used to! 

I have also been researching Kidblog in my "sick time" today. I have found examples and testimonials, etc, but I would love to hear from any of your that are using/have used Kidblog in the past before I totally commit. I think it sounds like a great idea and we have access to Chromebooks to my kiddos would have the opportunity to blog at school pretty regularly. So please, share your thoughts! :o)

Thanks for reading!


Amanda @ His and Her Hobbies said...

I have been using Kidblog with my 8th graders this year. They like it and I think it is a great way for them to practice writing. It also holds them accountable for their grammar because everyone in the class can read their posts. The only thing I have not allowed yet is the students to comment on one another's blogs. That is something I plan on introducing in the next few weeks.

Literacy Spark said...

Thanks for linking up! I hope you're feeling better. I hate being out too, I had to go to a training today and was worried all day about my kids. That's awesome that your kids have recess twice and that you have a 45 minute lunch. That's in addition to your planning time?

Literacy Spark

Lindsey Johnston said...

I used KidBlog in my student teaching with 5th graders as a way for students to share with me what they were reading. They loved it! Then, I used it again when I taught Middle School Reading. I had students post weekly about the novel we were reading. Then, they had to comment on others blogs. The students were struggling/reluctant readers, so having them use technology was enjoyable for them. I also blogged with them so they could see an example. I really enjoyed it!

The Journey of a Beginning Teacher

The Ordinary to Extraordinary Classroom said...

The way your campus has recess set up is a new one on me. I rather like the idea of taking turns that way you can use the time to catch up.

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