TWitte, After School Program, and Spring Break

So, one of my first five, AMAZING followers asked a great question that was worth more than just a reply. Thanks Natalie at The Queen Bee for asking how "TWitte" is pronounced; I sometimes forget that you don't all work with me! TWitte is pronounced /twit-ey/. It still amazes me that some of the kiddos at school still do not say my name correctly. My last name is Witte /wit-ey/, but I get everything from Wit, to White, to Woody! I'm sure you can all relate.

I typically teach the second grade group in our after school program. This year we had a much shorter program than usual, but it still feels like it needs to end! Our last day is Thursday! I kept telling myself that it wasn't necessary to get the kids "gifts" at the end of the program this year...of course, I caved, and just returned from a trip to the Dollar Tree. I found some Angry Birds coloring/activity books, National Geographic Kids early readers, and pencil flags. My gifts are not very creative, but I am excited about my finds and hopefully the kiddos will be too!

Finally, I cannot wait for Spring Break! We only have 3 more days, but this feels like the LOOOONGEST week. I am not going anywhere and I don't have any huge plans, I am just looking forward to nice weather and a little rest and relaxation. I do have to admit that the kiddos have been EXTREMELY well behaved this week; I never expected this the week before vacation. I better find lots of wood and keep on knocking now that I typed that.


Dr. Jill E. Steeley said...

How lucky to have a peaceful week leading into spring break! Send some peace my way!! ;-}


Pinkadots Elementary said...

THREE MORE DAYS!! Us too, but we have conferences this week so the days are dragging even longer. I didn't get home tonight until 7pm! :( I'm happy your kiddos are behaving, my class is going crazy! I don't know if it is SPRING FEVER or the birds and bees hitting 4th grade.
Pinkadots Elementary

The Queen Bee said...

Now I can sleep at night TWitte! glad to see your blog is doing SO well!

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