Trying a Linky...

So I have been reading even more blogs than usual over the past few days now that I have decided to start blogging myself. I am excited to be joing, or trying to join, my first linky party. Hopefully this goes well, if my linky etiquette isn't up to par yet, I apologize. Please feel free to share any advice!

My first linky party is Oh' Boy 4th Grade's April Currently.

* Listening - Sunday morning, the dryer is running and of course I am catching up on the Grey's Anatomy that I missed this week. This is one show that I have been watching regularly since it began and although I don't watch it on Thursday nights, I never miss an episode!

* Loving - Right now, when I check the forecast, it tells me that Monday will be 70, Tuesday 77, and Wednesday 73! Finally, some warm weather!

* Thinking - I have been thinking about a new laptop for awhile now. I would love a Macbook, but I'm not quite sure I want to spend that much money right now.

* Wanting - A trip to the beach! My favorite beach, The Dunes at Misquamicut, in Westerly, RI, was flooded with Hurricane Sandy back in October. The beach has been restored and I want to get there more than ever this year! Less than 50 days to the Memorial Day weekend opening! Yay!

* Needing - I think that our kiddos, as well as the teachers, need spring break! One more week, we can do it! Our spring break falls in between our two state testing sessions. We have already taken ELA and will begin Math two weeks after break.

* Advice - If at first you don't succeed, try again! As I am brand new to blogging, I didn't really have too much advice. I have tried to start a blog several times of the last year or so and now I finally did it. So I guess the "try again" applies to me!

Enjoy your Sunday, Friends!
Have a great week!


Amanda Kilgore said...

Good luck getting your blog going. I have recently started as well and there is a world of great ideas out there.
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FabandFunin4th! said...

Welcome to the bloggy world! I am excited to be your first follower :)

Dr. Jill E. Steeley said...

Congratulations on birthing your blog and joining this linky! I've just doubled your number of followers! heehee Drop by and check out my blog when you can.


Nikki Jones said...

You did GREAT at your first linky with Currently :)! I am your newest follower, #3!
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Jenn Miron said...

Congratulations on your new blog! I'm a new blogger too - you will love all of the wonderful ideas and have fun writing your own! I'm a new follower!

The Queen Bee said...

Welcome to the Blogging world...I started mine about a year ago...some months I am a great blogger, some ooops!

Okay got a question for you...how do you pronounce TWitte .../twit/ or /twit-ey/or even /tweety/
I'm your newest follower!
I Heart Grey's too!

Teaching with TWitte said...

Thanks Amanda! I have been reading blogs for quite a while now and have already learned so much from everyone. Hopefully I will be able to keep this up as well!

Teaching with TWitte said...

Thanks Bethany! I am following you, too! :o)

Teaching with TWitte said...

Thanks Nikki! Following you!

Teaching with TWitte said...

Thanks Jenn! I have so much fun reading everyone else's blogs, hopefully mine will keep getting better!

Teaching with TWitte said...

Thanks so much for this comment. I mentioned you in my next post and clarified the pronunciation! I can already tell that some times I might not be a great blogger...hopefully I will get into the swing of things and really get cranking here!

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