Giveaway, Birthdays, and Tae Kwan Do

Happy Sunday...and Happy Spring Break to some of you! I am very happy to say that this week is our spring break here in Massachusetts and I couldn't be happier about it. Actually, I could be happier if: a) I was going away someplace warm or b) it wasn't supposed to be a rainy week here. Oh well, I should just be glad to be on vacation! 

I just entered a really great giveaway at Forkin 4th. You should definitely head over and check it out...lots of great goodies! Antonia is celebrating her birthday this month, as well as 200 followers! You have until the 26th to check it out and enter! 

Speaking of birthdays, mine was just yesterday and I used my birthday money to fund part of my very exciting new purchase, a Macbook Pro! I am having a very hard time prying myself away from it! LOVE IT!! I have wanted one for years and finally broke down and went for it and so far, it was a great decision!

Finally, my kiddos had 8 weeks of Tae Kwan Do during their P.E. time at school. This past week they "tested" and "graduated" to their yellow belts. In order to do so, the kids broke wooden boards, and their lucky teacher (yup, that's me) go to demonstrate! I don't remember signing up for that one...but the kiddos LOVED it! It was so nice to see that nearly all of the kids families were able to make it to this graduation. The kids were so very, very proud of themselves! Here they are doing their jumping jacks, in uniform!


Nikki Jones said...

Happy belated birthday and congrats on your new baby (MacBook Pro), what a great purchase! The Tae Kwon Do during PE is awesome. I can see why they loved it.
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Teaching with TWitte said...

Thank you! I am so happy with my purchase :o) A couple of years ago, most of the school was doing Tae Kwan Do during PE, but this year they decided to just do one class at a time, so I think the kids felt like the chosen ones, which made it even better!

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