Labor Day Link-Ups

Happy Labor Day! Happy September! Happy Monday! Happy Back To School Week! 

Why is it that in the summer I think, "I will finally have time to blog," and then in September I think, "Where did the summer go; why didn't I blog?" School starts this week, so it seems appropriate to kick-off school year blogging with Farley's Currently and Mrs. Laffin's A Peek at My Week

LISTENING: I have never watched Glee on TV, but as I working on all things school related a couple of weeks ago, I was looking for some Netflix background noise. OMG what I have been missing for the last few years?! Music, Broadway, movies - Glee is all of my favorite things rolled into one show. <3

LOVING: At my school we only have one week to set-up our classrooms. It stresses me out, but I managed to get MOST of it done this past week. There are still some little things that I will work on tomorrow and Wednesday, so hopefully Wednesday night I will be able to share some pics. I LOVE how it turned out this year! :o)

THINKING: About my To Do list...so many things that I still need to do before the kiddos come to school on Thursday. 

WANTING: As excited as I am to meet my new 4th graders, I would love one more week. But we all know that teachers are never really "ready," there is always ONE MORE THING to do, so I'm sure that even with another week, I still wouldn't be "ready." 

NEEDING: Along with one more week, I could also use a few more hours in the day. We haven't even really had our first week yet and I am already exhausted...oops! 

3 Trips: Disney - Yes, you read that correctly, I am 29 years old and have never been to Disney. One of these days...
Nashville - My best friend lived in Nashville a couple of years ago and with her schedule and my school schedule, I never made it out there. She is a travel nurse and fell in love with Tennessee so hopefully she will return and I will get to visit this time. I sure do <3 my country music! 
Vegas - I hate gambling would love to see and do everything else in Vegas! 

Now for a Peek at My First Week back at school. 

Last week we had 9 new 4th graders register for school, today I will prepare things for the 3 new kiddos that will be in my class as well as various other back to school tasks that I still need to finish. These tasks are being planned a family BBQ that I will most definitely be making time for today, too! 

Tomorrow we will have our district convocation and then some time to work in our classrooms and first staff meeting of the year. 

I am looking forward to some district PD on close reading. I have done my own reading on close reading, but I am looking forward to what our literacy coach has to share with us. 

Day 1 with kiddos!! YAY!! 

Day 2 with kiddos. Procedures and routines are the name of the game this week. My first chapter book read aloud will be "No Talking" by Andrew Clements. We will be doing some community building such as Saving Fred and some Toothpaste words. The kiddos will also need to take a couple of Math tests, placement test and end of the year benchmark to test to be used as a DDM. It will be a busy, but mostly fun, couple of days! 

Thanks for reading! :o)


Jennifer said...

I completely agree with you on needing more hours in the day. Either that or the ability to work on less sleep! I too found Glee late and never really watched it on TV but it sure was fun catching up! The music is amazing, they are so talented! I hope you make it to Tennessee some day, my family lives there and it is beautiful!
The Blessed Teacher

Jena Hudson said...

You haven't started back yet? That just seems crazy to me! We have already been in for three weeks...but we are heading to the balanced calendar schedule. And oh Glee! I absolutely love that show and am so happy it is on Netflex so I can always get my Glee fix! Good luck to you as you head back to school! And yes, you need to go to Disney! Nobody is ever to old for that ;)

Allison said...

What a cute blog and a fun-loving realistic voice! We've been in school for 3 weeks, but your post took me right back to how it felt. You are so right, we are never all done, but think about it- before you know it you will be looking back three weeks later thinking, "What happened?" --We should start a club...20something year olds who haven't been to Disney!
Take care,
2nd Cup of Campers

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