Mustaches and Teachers For Boston

Yesterday I linked up with A Teacher Without A Class and shared my mustaches and glasses that I picked up at Michael's. I mentioned that I was looking for something to do with them, possibly for Mother's Day/Father's Day. So after posting, I headed to bed, where I had an idea for a Mother's Day Mustache Simile Book which I of course had to start typing into the notes in my iPhone. So this afternoon instead of cleaning up my plan book (it gets turned in on Friday), I made my first real TpT product, my Mother's Day Mustache Simile Book. I'm so excited to start taking pics of my kiddos with the mustaches and getting them to work on their books. :o)

Also, I just made a GREAT purchase. Michaela over at The Center Based Classroom organized a Teachers For Boston fundraiser. Of course, I HAD to purchase. As you all know I have posted my feelings on being a Massachusetts resident and the events of this past week. You have two choices, for your $20 donation, you can choose either a K-2 pack (valued at $150) or a 3-6 pack (valued at $170). I can tell you from my own purchase that there are some absolutely amazing downloads in the 3-6 pack, and I haven't even had a chance to check them all out yet because there are just so many! Thanks Michaela and everyone that donated their wonderful products for supporting Boston! If you haven't popped over yet, you definitely need to check out

Finally, tomorrow is Wednesday! :o)


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