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As I have said already, I am on spring break this week! I have enjoyed bonding with my new MacBook, seeing some friends, relaxing, starting Couch to 5K (eeek! I have never been much of a runner, we'll see how this goes), and getting some school things done. I have always created worksheets of my own for school, but they usually aren't very cute, just basic and to the point. Seeing everyone else's great products and freebies has inspired me to do more creating and sharing. I don't feel that anything is exciting enough to try to sell yet, but I am happy slightly nervous to share a couple of math freebies with you.

Again, I think I have already mentioned that my third graders have to take the math portion of our state test (MCAS) about two weeks after we return from break, so I created a couple of review items. Our district, in aligning to the new CCSS, aligned some old MCAS questions for us, so we have done most of those already throughout the year and I was trying to come up with something different. I saw a post about a week ago from Dana at 3rd Grade Gridiron about Math Review Books that she made with her class as test prep. I LOVED her idea but I got to thinking and decided to create a more structured review book; I'm hoping it will be a little easier for my inclusion class to follow along with. So thanks Dana for the great idea! Then I created a checklist for students to assess their own knowledge of the skills we have actually "learned" so far this year. I left off skills that have just been reviewed or "touched-upon". This is not the whole math curriculum for the year, it is simply the math curriculum that we have COMPLETED, in depth, so far in my classroom. If I add to this later on, I will be sure to update everyone! My hope is that between recent test prep homework and these two little goodies, I will be able to review in small groups whatever the kiddos need!

Math Review Book

Math Memory Checklist


Brandee Green said...

I don't teach math at all but I love the review book idea!
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Bethany Hunter said...

Great review book idea! I'm a new follower.
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