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I was just noticing that many of my posts have been noneducational. I apologize, but in my defense, most of my posts have occurred during spring break. As my week is coming to an end, you can expect more information/educational posts in the near future!

Also, being a new blogger, I'm a little late in joining Fifth In the MIddle's Blogs By State. It is really neat to be able to link up with other bloggers from your state and surrounding states.

With the events of the week, this was a perfect time for me to let it be known that I am from Massachusetts and Boston Strong!


Meghan @ First Grade Hugs and High Fives said...

Thanks for finding my blog! Yes, I've been at it for about a month. It's fun but a little daunting. I've been seeing all of the state gadgets and wondering about them... Thanks for filling me in. I'm going to link up, too. I'm just not sure what state to declare. I live in Pa, but teach and grew up in NJ. What do you think? Stay safe up in Boston with the "manhunt" going on.
First Grade Hugs and High Fives

Pinkadots Elementary said...

Hey Tara, Check out our latest blog post! :) :) :)
Pinkadots Elementary

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