Five for Friday/Saturday

I really need to make a conscious effort to take more pictures at school to make these linkies a little more exciting. I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for  Friday.

1. This was our first week back from spring break and it was week one of three before the rest of our standardized testing. I am trying to get in as much as math in these next three (now two) weeks as possible. I am a little worried freaking out that the kiddos won't be ready for the test. This year was tough with CCSS and our MCAS test not being completely aligned yet. We aren't sure what to expect this year so it will be interesting.

2. My kiddos shared their completed animal research reports in small groups this week. Last month, they presented their biography projects to the whole class, so we switched it up a bit this time. 

3. On Thursday I got to babysit my favorite 8 1/2 year old cousin. He is the best kiddo in the whole world! I took him to baseball practice, he got his uniform, and I was pretty excited because he got the number 13 which just so happens to be my favorite number (it was his mom's field hockey number too)! Anyway, I put him to bed and shortly after that he called downstairs to me to have him leave his mom and grammy a note. I said that I would and said good night again. Logan said "Good Night...oh and I love you!" He is the sweetest kid, made my night! :o)
4. Our plan books were due at school yesterday. That always stresses me out because I am a procrastinator, slight over-achiever, and bit of a perfectionist, so I have to go back and clean it and make sure it's "perfect" before handing the plan book in. 

5. Finally, I bought a pretty neat little nail polish this week. My new love is OPI Liquid Sand. So cute! :o) Not the greatest picture but it is matte and glittery! Very fun!


Brandee Green said...

Love the nail polish!
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Melissa said...

Ooh I love that polish! I was looking around for a good texture polish today. Thanks for the inspiration! I am your newest follower! :)

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