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My 1st bloggiversary is coming up quickly and looking back, my blogging has been very sporadic...especially since school began in September. I am going to seriously try to get to 2 blog posts a week. I haven't even been reading many blogs and I miss it...I just don't know where the last 7 months have gone. 

It makes me excited that on the 1st of this month I am able to link up with Farley's currently! :o)

Listening: Behind as usual, so I'm catching up on last week's Grey's. 

Loving: Today it was about 55 and SUNNY!! Kiddos went outside for both recesses and P.E. and most of us didn't even need to wear coats! I truly think I suffer from that seasonal depression, because the sun and warmth make me instantly happier and more productive! Let's hope spring is finally here to stay. 

Thinking: This is my first semester teaching a (mostly) graduate class at the college that I attended. Sadly, I found out today that a graduate student in this class passed away last night. Although I do not know her family, I have been thinking of them all day. Such sad news :o(

Wanting: I cannot wait for the beach! It is my happy place!

Needing: Ugh, these new teacher evaluations. Our evidence and summaries are due on May 1st...I need to get moving. 

Kiddos hours: 8:55 - 3:25
My hours: 7:30 - 4:00
After reading many currentlys this afternoon, I am convinced that my district will be one of the last ones to get out of school this year...YIKES! And that was only with 4 snow days. 

Thanks to Farley for giving us something to look forward to every month! :o)


Anonymous said...

June 26th!! I thought I was going too far into summer :/ Best of luck with that! Grey's can help keep you distracted :)

Carol Davis said...

June 26th- Oh my! What date do you start each year? By that time of year here it is 107 degrees outside! We did have some snow days this year- but Alabama declared it a state of emergency and we don't have to make -up the days!

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier!
Teachers Are Terrific!

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