Ready or not...it's AUGUST!

Now that I blog, I love the beginning of the month for the great linkies that come with it! Today, on August 1st, I am linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade and Jessica from I {heart} Recess

Here is my August Currently:

LISTENING: I love Netflix. It allows me to have all of my guilty pleasures right at my fingertips. Currently, I am rewatching Grey's Anatomy. 

LOVING: I have been busy with the summer reading clinic that I am working at for 5 weeks. Tomorrow is our last day. This means, ice cream party and Charlotte's Web. Our read aloud was Charlotte's Web and the kiddos cannot wait to watch the movie; most have seen it, but they like it! It's a good one! :o)

THINKING: I go back to school on Tuesday, September 3rd, so after the clinic ends tomorrow, I have exactly one month before I go back to school. I also have mile-long to do lists...ahhhh!!

WANTING: I CANNOT wait to get into my classroom. My family cannot wait either because my belongings are taking over this house. From what I understand, typically teachers cannot work in their classroom until the last week in August, but being a new teacher to the building, I will be allowed in earlier. You better believe that I'll be stopping by on Monday morning to find out when I can get to work!

NEEDING: I have started so many projects, like really started and started in my mind, that I haven't finished because of the reading clinic, that I have a lot of work to do this month. 

And now, my B2S13 goals, 

PERSONAL: I have always been very dedicated to my job. My first few years teaching, I was at school to and through dinner time at least 3 days a week. Now I am beginning a new job, teaching a new grade level, in a new school. I mustn't procrastinate, I must be very efficient, I must try to maintain a real-life, a fun life outside of school! Maybe only one late night at school...or two, maybe two. 

ORGANIZATION: Last year was an off year, no evaluation for me. Now, being a new teacher again, I will be evaluated this year. This will be my first eval with our new evaluation system, so I must be sure to keep my evidence binder up to date so that I'm not scrounging and running around at the last minute. 

PLANNING: With a new grade level comes new standards. With a new district comes real guided reading, no basal! :o) A new math series, too. I am looking forward to freshening up my teaching style and making my instruction more meaningful to how the kiddos will really need the knowledge in their outside lives. 

PROFESSIONAL: In creating my I Can statements for 4th grade, I was beginning to get used to the 4th grade standards. I do not know them nearly as well as I knew third grade. I need to become more familiar so that I am able to make connections and focus on the necessary areas. 

STUDENTS: I find it important to have high expectations for my kiddos, but I also want them to be excited about coming to school every day. 

MOTTO: I am a bit of a perfectionist, I must do things on my own because if something is wrong I would prefer it to be my fault not someone else's. I am rather competitive and I tend to take things personally. I say "it is what it is" all the time, but I need to start living by, it is what is, and not getting so worked up over little things. 

Thanks for reading! :o)


Krystyn Richards said...

I hear you on wanting to get into your classroom. I haven't been in my all summer. I just realized I have about a month of my summer left. Ekk...I better get in there.

Ms Richards's Musings

Flamingos and Butterflies said...

I love your motto! I can't think of how many times I have said that to someone.

I hope you get in your room soon...I know how waiting makes me crazy!

Flamingos and Butterflies

Miss Trayers said...

I loved actually catching up on my Netflix too-my queue was just getting way too long! :) I thought Grey's Anatomy was really good in the beginning.


Sara Soucy said...

Just saw that you are from Mass - not too far from me {RI}! I really want to get into my classroom as well to get stuff done. They won't let me in yet though!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Alison Hislop said...

I know how you feel being so eager to get into your classroom! Good luck on Monday! Hope you can get in and start working soon!

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P.S. Have you made great purchases over the summer?

amber said...

So grueling to have PD before you can get into your room! Don't they realize teachers' brains are drifting there the whole time they're talking?

Amanda said...

I have used "it is what it is" so many times this past year. LOL. It's a good motto. It helps me remember that I can not control everything and to just do the best with what I can control. I'm glad you are finally got let in to your classroom. I'm still waiting. :)

The Teaching Thief

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