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I am warning you all right now, this is a terrible post...nothing new, fun, or exciting. I am trying to work on getting things going for my new classroom, while teaching for two and a half more weeks at a reading clinic, and I have a question for all of you brilliant bloggers! 

In my old school I was required to post daily standards outside my classroom door and kid-friendly "I can" statements in the classroom. At my new school, this is more personal preference and from what I understand many teachers post essential questions. 

Of course I was in the process of creating my kid-friendly statements when I decided I should ask my new teamies about this, when I learned the above information. So I am looking for thoughts on what you use/what works in your classrooms. I am between kid-friendly statements and essential questions, or maybe both (that might be overkill?)? 

Thanks for your help and when I make a decision and finish I will surely share my creations. 

Thanks for reading!


Joanne Miller said...

So excited you commented on my blog~now I have found another 4th grade blogging friend! :O) Your blog is adorable! I like both to be honest, but we don't have to post them. They're both good for different reasons, but if you already have some made up and you don't have time to tackle another project, just use what you have for now.
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The Sweetest Thing said...

Would kid-friendly essential statements be too easy? :) Just kidding! But they do sound similar. My old school required essential questions to be posted daily. We debated about how broad or narrow they should be. Another great debate topic! I'd say go with whatever is most manageable and meaningful to you. If the I can statements mean something and add to your instruction, keep 'em. If you don't actually do anything with them, dont.

Love that you are focusing on nonfiction - that's my passion right now!

I am your newest follower! Come stop by if you get a chance :)

The Sweetest Thing
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Anonymous said...

We have to post I can for specific subjects and EQ's for others. I really hate doing both, my kids don't read them. :)

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Courtney said...

Yay! Another 4th grade teacher! I went from 2nd to 4th last year so I love finding new blogs of 4th grade teachers!

We are not required to post either actually. I prefer "I can" statements in my classroom and my goal is to do a better job of keeping up with it this year! :)


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