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I love linking up with Latoya from Flying into First Grade for her Let's Get Acquainted linky. She has the most fun ideas! This month is tic-tac-toe! Choose any three prompts, in order, just like the game. Here is the game board.

I went to _____ college and a favorite memory. 
I went to Elms College and my favorite memory is of a cruise that 5 of my friends and I went on our senior year. Several of us were working in schools, student teaching and SLP clinicals, so we had to do this over our Christmas break instead of spring break. We drove to South Carolina from Eastern Massachusetts, went on a 5 day cruise, and drove back. We got along the entire time, drive and all, and had the most amazing time. I have been dying to go on another cruise ever since. 

My Favorite School Memory as a Kid
Does high school kid count? I danced throughout my entire childhood. In high school we had a "choreography" class. This pretty much meant that we had a free period to hang out, except for the month or two leading up to shows. This class and the shows that we performed in are some of my favorite memories of all time. We had so much fun!
One of my friends recently posted this on Facebook, it is a clipping from an article in our town paper after one of the "Top 40" shows my senior year. The boys in the background sang, they did not dance! :o)

Shopping?! I do love to shop, but I am pretty sure that doesn't count as a hobby. I love to read and do crafty things. I enjoy baking, typically in the winter when the weather is bad. When I was in college a friend's grandmother taught her how to knit and she taught all of us (we had several snow days our sophomore year). I wish I had time to learn to knit better because I enjoy it, I simply never get around to it. 

Head on over to Flying into First Grade and Get Acquainted! 

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Amanda said...

Shopping is a hobby in my book! It takes stamina to look and look for the perfect thing. :) Cute link up idea. I may just have to head over and get acquainted. :)

The Teaching Thief

Karli Lomax said...

I like to bake too, but I usually end up eating too much of what I've made :)
...and I agree with Amanda, shopping takes some skill and endurance ;)
Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

Miss Trayers said...

Shopping is definitely a hobby! :) I went on a cruise with friends my senior year too-I actually had forgotten about that. Good times! :)


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