Monday Made It - Getting Ready For Next Year

Today was my last Monday of school! We have a full day tomorrow with an awards assembly in the afternoon and a half day for kiddos/full day for us on Wednesday. It was so ridiculously H-O-T today and I am trying to get everything packed up before I leave on Wednesday so I have been a busy-bee...the heat and humidity is definitely NOT helping.

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I am so excited about my new classroom/class/job/school that I am already preparing for next year. When I went on my second interview a couple of weeks ago, the principal mentioned that during their last few days of school, they have move-up day for the whole school. The kiddos get to go to their new classrooms, meet their new teachers, and find out who they will be in class with. I thought this was a great idea because for the last 6 years I was begging for my class list in mid-August to send postcards to my kiddos. Unfortunately, my last day is the same day of school as move-up day at my new school. We decided that I would make a short presentation to share with my kiddos because I wouldn't be able to be there. After panicking over potentially having to video tape myself (YUCK!) I decided to do a short video with a Powerpoint presentation. I cannot believe I am doing this, but if you are interested, here is my presentation that my new team will be sharing with my new kiddos.

I also "made" this fun subway art. I already ordered some of the BW Collection from Creative Teaching Press (my new theme is going to be black and white with bright accent colors) and I decided to do lots of subway art for decorations. These frames are from the dollar store, the fun ribbon is from TJMaxx, and the subway art is from Crystal Dean's Teachers Notebook shop. All I had to do was print the posters and add the ribbon bows with glue dots. But I am so excited to make some more and add them to my new classroom! :o)

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Pinkadots Elementary said...

Hi! :) I absolutely love your video presentation and I'm sure the kids will too! What a great idea. I hate not finding out who will be in my class until a week or so before school starts. I always try to send a postcard home, but sometimes they don't get it until after the first day! Did you redo your blog design? I am in love with it!!! Who did it? Also, I keep seeing all these blog meet ups, if you find any in our area, let me know. Most of the ones I see are for major cities far away! Enjoy your last few days, we just finished! Wohoo!
Pinkadots Elementary

Jennifer Laffin said...

What great pictures for your classroom! Sounds like you are having some fun last days. Summer is on the horizon!

Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

Stephanie said...

Even though you couldn't be there to meet your kiddos in person the presentation was so thoughtful. I love the background music, Newsies is my all time favorite musical.


Kelly said...

LOVE the frames!!! So cute & YAY for summer break!!! :)

First Grade Fairytales

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