JUNE: Currently and Goals

Happy June, Friends! We are down to 18 more days of school...we're getting there, slowly but surely. Before I get to my June linkys, I have to share some exciting news! A couple of weeks ago I blogged about how my teaching buddy was expecting and that we were so hoping she would have the baby over the weekend. Well, she did not and Friday was her last day of school before her maternity leave, as her due date was yesterday, June 1st! The last couple of weeks we have had some nasty, hot and humid days, and she was a trooper, working right up to the end! I am happy to announce that she and her husband welcomed their little man into the world yesterday, on his due date! I cannot wait to meet this little cutie pie! :o)

Now, onto Farley's June currently...one of my faves!

LISTENING: The weather here in New England has been crazy. Last weekend, at this time, I was bundled up in winter pj's and slippers...today we have the AC on because it is already hot and humid at 7:00 am. Whatever happened to spring? Although, I am very grateful that we are having this weather and not tornados. My heart breaks for everyone affected by the Oklahoma weather. 

LOVING: There are some K-Cup flavors (pumpkin spice) that I can only drink in the fall/winter. French Toast is a winter limited edition, but I found some the other day at the Bon-Ton and they are always delicious!

THINKING: This one is a bit of a teaser, as I won't post yet why I am thinking about Tuesday. It is school/career related, but I will leave it at that. Hopefully I will be able to post on this soon. Tuesday is also the estimated arrival date of my Erin Condren teacher planner...woohoo!!

WANTING: June 26th is our last day of school. It seems like it is still a lifetime away. I know it will go by quickly because there are so many meetings, field trips, events, etc. but it is such a hectic/stressful time of year. 

NEEDING: I have been posting about the beach since I started blogging and although I got to put my feet in the sand on a chilly day a couple of weeks ago, I still have not made it there on a nice summer day. 

Speaking of the beach, a perfect beach day is with my iced coffee in one hand and a book in the other. And of course I need my phone, mostly for picture taking purposes. 

If you haven't done so yet, click the picture below to link up with Farley's FUN linky!

Another favorite linky of mine is Jess's Monthly Goals. Check it out at I {heart} Recess

I have to be honest and say I was terrible with my May goals. Hopefully I will do better in June. 

PERSONAL: Although my summer doesn't begin until June 26th, I hope to make more time for fun outside of school this month. 

FAMILY: I live at home with my mom and younger brother still and my poor mother does most of the cooking. I bake, but I rarely cook. I must cook!

HEALTH: I tried the gym goal last month and that didn't go well, so I will try to eat healthier. 

SCHOOL: I haven't begun to pack up my classroom yet, as we still have 3 and a half weeks, but I have been trying to clean-up, purge, and reorganize. 

BLOG/TPT: I have been lucky if I blog once a week, so I need to do better with that. I also need to grow my very itty-bitty TPT store. 

READ: I have started reading Choice Words by Peter Johnston. An incredible professor that I had for several classes, recommended this book. So far it is wonderful. It is a short book, but a great refresher. For a fun read, I just picked up Home Front by Kristin Hannah. I have read most of her books and I love them all! 

Again, if you haven't do so yet, click on the picture below to link up with Jess. 


Collaboration Cuties said...

I can't believe you aren't out until June 26th! I guess when a bunch of people have just begun their summer we will be going back. Crazy!! It's so interesting how different everyone is.

I've never tried the french toast k-cups. Interesting. We usually just do plain.

Congratulations on your friend having her baby! So exciting! And perfect timing!

We need to eat healthier too. My husband's doctor said so!

I want to work on mor TpT items as well! If there were only more hours in the day!

Have a great Sunday!
Collaboration Cuties

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the rest of the school year! I am sure it will fly by even though it is always hard for me when everyone else seems to be done with school. When do you go back to school? I will have to try the french toast k-cups, too. I love our Keurig!

Right Down the Middle said...

I hope you enjoy the rest of your year. I also cannot wait to read about "Tuesday" when you post about it. I am following you now. Have a super Sunday!


LoveN3rdgrade said...

I love waking up to a hot drink! So relaxing!! When do you start school in MA? I noticed you have 18 more days!! Hang in there, they'll go fast!

Miss B. said...

Love Peter Johnson's "Choice Words". Such a good reminder that what we say and how we say it really matters! :-) It was recommended to me by a grad professor and I really enjoyed it!

Real Teachers Learn

Liz said...

Good luck on your last days of school! I did a special surprise for my kids each day to get me (and them) through those days.I honestly think that's why some of them didn't complain about school towards the end. I'll have to check up on the other monthly linky - I hadn't heard about that one.

Laura said...

What a great blog you have! I am following you. Laura


Deirdre said...

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A Burst of First

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